On this page you can access an existing recipe, copy an existing recipe or create a new recipe. You can also preform a factory reset of the recipes.


  • First fill in the product, model and recipe fields.

  • Product : You can choose D(airy), C(hocomixes), V(eggie)
  • Container : S(mall), M(edium), L(arge), X(tra large) or F(lex). See flex recipes for more info.
  • Recipe : 1 - 48

  • If you choose an existing recipe you will continue to the adjusting the recipe screen when pressing the button

  • If you choose a non-existing recipe you will continue to the copy/create recipe screen when pressing the  button

  • If you want to preform a factory reset of the recipes then push the following button :
  • You will get the following screen where you can either confirm or abort the action.
  • ATTENTION ! All changes you have made to recipes will be overwritten !
  • Copying the backup files may take a while, please wait until the 'Copying files' message disappears.