Questions and answers

Ran into a little issue? Questions and Answers is the first place to look. Somebody else might have had the same question and then the answer will be there. Just type your question or keyword in the search on top of the page and prepare for a reassuring aha-erlebnis.

Ways to reach us

Didn't get the expected aha-reaction from the Q&A? Let's try direct contact with your local Moose Rangers. They know all about Moose specifics for your country. 

Live chat

A fast way to reach us for minor issues is via chat. Click the chat icon in the bottom right and a chat window will pop up to ask your question. We are here for you to chat every weekday between 9 AM-16 PM (GMT+1). 

Contact form

Yes. Go for it. With that little bit of extra info you're giving us, we can help you out the fastest. By filling in the form, you're creating a ticket so we can track previous issues you might have had. The more we know, the better we can help you out. 

Other advantage of contacting us this way? At the bottom of the contact form, you can attach a file such as a picture or video of what you're seeing. So give us your eyes and send us some footage.

Contact us via the contact form.


On weekdays, you can reach us on WhatsApp. Just add the number below to your phone's contact list and shoot! 

Or simply click the WhatApp icon on the website. You can find it in the black part at the bottom of every page on

+32 52 49 90 79


If you'd rather get help through email, you can send your request to

Good old-fashioned calling

No bots here. If you're a fan of real talks and sweet-voiced Moose Rangers, give us a call on +32 52 49 90 79. Only on weekdays (GMT+1). 


We love details

The more detailed and accurate your description, the easier it will be for our Moose Rangers to identify the issue and resolve it. Check out our tips for quick help.

Take us through it step by step

Providing a detailed description of your actions leading up to the issue helps us to replicate the exact circumstances.

Pictures please

A picture is worth a thousand words. So yes, photos or video more than welcome. Instead of describing the issue, just send us some imagery. Go to the bottom of the contact form to attach your file or send them to us via WhatsApp. 


Is this the first time you have observed this issue? Or has it happened repeatedly? Let us know.


Should you receive a system error message, please let us know what the message says or even better... take a picture and send it to us.

Reach other departments

If you want to reach other Moose departments, such as Billing or Legal, please reach out to