For urgent matters or when the Q&A did not solve your Moose mystery, contact us. One of our Moose Rangers will get you out of trouble or redirect you to your local supplier. Help is on the way! 


When Moose assistance is needed, let us know the software version (V) and serial number (SN) of your Perfect Moose device. That will give us a good jump start. Gently tap the top of the touch screen with your finger and both numbers will appear on the top of the screen.


Should an error code appear on screen or other, take a picture and send it to us. Go to the contact form and attach your file or send it via whatsapp. Is your Moose showing some odd behavior, a short video of the problem is more than welcome to help you out.


And to top it off... on the bottom of the device, there is a silver sticker containing the Model Name of your Moose. The more info you give us, the more swiftly we can help you out.