Smart Moose pitchers need to be activated and programmed upon receipt. It takes just a few simple steps to set the texture (= thickness/density of the microfoam) and the temperature* of the steamed milk, exactly to your wishes. 

You only have to activate a new smart pitcher once. The texture and temperature you indicate are then set for every steaming cycle of this particular smart pitcher. 

Once the initial recipe is set, you can always adjust texture and temperature pitcher settings afterwards if you want. Click here to see how to adjust the recipe on your smart pitcher.  

Programming a smart Moose pitcher for the first time

1. Make sure your Perfect Moose device is switched on and you see the standard starting screen as below.

2. Put the new smart pitcher on the pitcher holder. Make sure the pitcher is empty and there is no milk in it. The following screen will appear:

3. Gently tap 'programme pitcher' on the touch display. The screen below will appear.

First, set the texture of the microfoam by moving your finger along the slider. 

The more you move the slider to the left, the thinner/runnier the texture of the steamed m*ilk. The more you move the slider to the right, the thicker/denser the texture. 

Click on > in the right bottom corner to move to the second step.

Second, set the temperature of the microfoam by moving your finger along the slider. The more you move the slider to the left, the colder. The more you move the slider to the right, the hotter. 

Default temperature is 64° Celsius for dairy and 62° Celsius for plant-based milks.

Click on the SAVE icon to save the pitcher recipe settings. 

4. You're done! The pitcher is programmed, the recipe is set and you're ready to moose it up. 

Remove the pitcher from the pitcher holder to continue. 

Moose Tip | if you want to check which recipe is set on a pitcher, simply put the empty pitcher on the pitcher holder. The display will tell you which texture and temperature are set. 

Learn how to adjust temperature, texture or both for every steaming cycle of your programmed pitcher.

Learn how to adjust temperature for 1 single 1 steaming cycle.

 Why the option to adjust texture and temperature is a good thing

Not every mi*lk reacts the same to steaming. Test which texture and temperature setting are best for your milk and stick to it. Consistent mi*lk coffee quality guaranteed, customers will thank you for it.

Don't feel like playing around? The factory settings of the pitcher recipes are based on the most used preferences in the market. Easy peasy.