NSF Certificate

Team Perfect Moose and parent company Schuilenburg nv are proud to announce that Perfect Moose Greg/Epic Greg is certified by NSF International, a leading global independent public health and safety organization. As a leader in safety standards and quality, NSF International offers independent, science-based third-party certifications that show a company's adherence to a benchmarked set of quality standards. 

To receive certification, Perfect Moose Greg passed a stringent evaluation. To demonstrate a continued commitment to food safety and the quality of its brand, Perfect Moose has also agreed to annual unannounced manufacturing facility audits to verify ongoing conformance to the standard. 

The certified model is officially listed on http://info.nsf.org/Certified/Food/.

 How do you know whether your Perfect Moose is NSF certified?

Look for the silver label on the bottom of your device. If it says PMG10... you got it. And what if it's not on there? No panic. All Moose are hand-assembled, produced and tested in exactly the same way and according to the same high quality standards. Certifications are necessary to enter certain markets. At the same time, it's always good to know Perfect Moose passed the (coffee) bar exam with flying colours.



USTC Certificate

Perfect Moose complies with the USTC standards. 

The SGS-USTC Certification mark was developed to attest the agreement of a product with the applicable American and Canadian standards in force (e.g. UL 60950-1, UL 61010-1) by means of an independent assessment. 

SGS USTC Mark was developed by SGS U.S. Testing Company, Inc. (formerly UST-CA), it’s officially recognized by OSHA as a Nationally Recognised Testing Laboratory (NRTL), and accredited by the SCC.  

source: sgsgroup.com

Consult the USTC Certificate for Perfect Moose below. 


CB certificate 

The CB Scheme is a standardised system of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for the testing and certification of electrical equipment (IECEE). IECEE is based on the principle of mutual recognition by its global members and promotes the harmonisation of national standards with the international standards developed by IEC. It decreases the need for multiple testing and reduces the obstacles to international trade, because you will not need to meet different regulations, national certifications or approval criteria.

Recognised in more than 50 countries. The CB scheme is the international system for the acceptance of test reports relating to the safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical and electronic equipment, hazardous substances, energy efficiency and much more. (source: sgs.com)

Consult the CB certificate for Perfect Moose below.


Declaration of conformity 

Perfect Moose conforms to the EG 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive and 2014/30/EU concerning Electromagnetic Compatibility.

* Regulation (EG) nr. 1935/2004 from the European Parliament and the Council of October 27th 2004 regarding food contact

materials and articles repealing Directives 80/590/EEG and 89/109/EEG.

* Regulation (EU) nr. 10/2011 from the Commission of January 14th 2011 regarding plastic food contact materials and articles.

* Regulation (EG) nr. 2023/2006 from the Commission of December 22nd 2006 regarding good manufacturing practice of food contact materials and articles.

Consult the Declaration of Conformity below.


Other certifications for Perfect Moose - available on demand