Yes you can.  

Thanks to its limited size, Perfect Moose can be installed on both new and existing counter tops. You need a power source to plug it in and a drain for the water condensation to be led away (via the back of your machine). 

Check out the technical specifications of Perfect Moose Greg and Perfect Moose Jack for more details on size and connections.Perfect Moose is also used in coffee trucks and mobile cafes. Make sure Perfect Moose is always on a horizontal, level surface.

What's the difference between Greg and Jack.

 MOOSE TIP | have a rinser nearby

When steaming milk and other liquids, always start with a clean, cool pitcher. Having a rinser close to the Perfect Moose is the ideal set up for the finest quality foam. When finished pouring, give the smart pitcher immediately a rinse. Letting milk stick after steaming is (A) not very tasteful and (B) not hygienic and (C) not good to ensure perfect microfoam quality. Perfect Moose should always be installed by a certificed technican.