Perfect Moose Greg is the smart steamer without own boiler. Greg is to be connected to an external boiler, eg via the steam pipe of an espresso machine. 

In order for Perfect Moose Greg to provide constant steam pressure (and thus constant microfoam quality), there are a few requirements for the external boiler to be met:

  • The boiler should provide a constant pressure between 1.3 and 1.4 bar (maximum allowed = 1.5 bar). Pressure variations outside the prescribed range will affect microfoam quality.
  • Use a boiler for which Perfect Moose is the only load. Ideally a multiboiler espresso machine. Preferably not a single boiler espresso machine which is also used for espresso.
  • Minimum heating power of 2400 W
  • When connecting to a steam wand with electromagnetic valves, constant steam pressure can be hindered. Consult your espresso machine supplier when in doubt.

Standard procedure is to connect Perfect Moose Greg to the steam pipe of an espresso machine. 

Custom procedure is to connect Perfect Moose Greg directly to the boiler on the inside of your espresso machine. In order to do this kind of internal connection, a custom installation kit is needed. Contact your local dealer to find out what that means or drop us a line on


Not sure whether your espresso machine is suitable? Check with your espresso machine supplier. Are you an espresso machine manufacturer looking to connect the Perfect Moose internally to the boiler? Contact us.