Perfect Moose will not speed up the steaming process as such. In other words, the Moose will not steam faster than a barista steaming the same amount of liquid manually. 

The gain in time lies in the fact that you do not have to hold the pitcher while steaming ànd top quality outcome is 24/7 guaranteed, regardless of the amount and type of milk used. Compared to other milk foamers, you can choose any type of milk you like. 

Copying barista movements

Steaming real milk and plant-based alternatives contains a natural element which cannot be overruled if you're going for top quality microfoam. While steaming, the barista feels the pitcher for temperature and adjust the depth and angle of the steam wand with his hands. Perfect Moose does exactly the same but automatically and hands-free.

The 10 cup challenge

A smart workflow will gain time at the coffee bar. Australian barista champ Matthew Lewin did the test.

“I’m actually very excited to see the time difference between my manual approach and the fully automated version. (…) 6 minutes for the automated workflow, wow. That’s 4 minutes 42′ faster than manually. It’s an incredible amount of difference with working manually.
Not only quality and speed but also consistency and the actual joy of being engaged in the coffee making process make a big difference. You have the ability to engage with customers and make sure all those details are done correctly. Minimum stress, maximum efficiency. The results speak for themselves.