Touch display

The touch display will guide you through every step of the automated steaming process. When Perfect Moose notices something is not right, a notification on screen will appear telling you what to do next. 

Use it by gently tapping it with your finger.

Steam wand

The cool touch steam wand imitates the exact movements a top barista makes while steaming. It automatically moves up and down, releasing the right amount of steam at the right time. If you have a close look, you can see the 'Moose nose' is a bit crooked. Just the right angle for steaming top quality foam. 

Clean the steam wand with a damp cloth or Moose hanky after each steaming cycle. 


The nozzle of the steam wand is made of PEEK (high performance thermoplastic) and is developed not to suck up any milk. The position of the holes (+steam) is exactly right to create the swirling movement in the milk. 

Don't turn or remove the nozzle and always leave it in the original position. It needs no separate cleaning. 

Temperature sensor

The 'Moose eye' monitors the exact temperature of the chosen liquid during the whole steaming cycle. 

While steaming, don't let anything block the space between the temperature sensor and the body of the pitcher (no barista towel, handle of the pitcher…).

Pitcher holder

The pitcher holder has an integrated weighing scale measuring the exact amount of liquid to be steamed. Underneath, the rfid reader processes the information exchanged with the smart Moose pitchers. 


The feet underneath the device are anti skid and non marking. The Moose hoofs are interchangeable with high hoofs (to be ordered separately).