Before you start

Make sure Perfect Moose is always on a horizontal, level surface.

Make sure the steam wand is able to drop freely and nothing is on or touches the pitcher holder during the complete start-up process. The pitcher holder should always be level and not touch the casing of the device. Make sure you always start with a clean steam wand.

Not sure which is what? Check the Perfect Moose machine parts.

1 Switching on Perfect Moose

Switch the on/off button at the back to 1

2 Calibrating

Once you have switched on the device, the steam wand will first go up and then automatically move downwards until the nozzle of the steam wand touches the pitcher holder. The steam wand then moves back up automatically. The message below appears on screen.

Do not interfere with this process and do not touch the device (steam wand, pitcher holder or other) during this calibration process.

3 Preheating (only for Perfect Moose Jack)

Water in the boiler is heating as long as the screen below is shown. Wait until this image disappears and do not press ‘ignore and continue’ (water in the boiler would not be hot enough to start steaming quality foam). 

When the water in the boiler is heated and ready, the preheating image disappears automatically and the temperature display (blue digits) at the back indicates +/- 127 (°C).


Perfect Moose Greg: should the screen below appear on a Perfect Moose Greg, press ‘ignore and continue’. There is no water in the Perfect Moose Greg device itself so no need to preheat.

4 Ready for use

Perfect Moose is ready for use as soon as the image ‘Ready to steam. Please place pitcher’ appears on the touch screen .

Software version V05.308B comes with a extra hot function.

Perfect Moose is ready for use as soon as the image below appears on screen.

About first time use of smart Moose pitchers

When you take a brand new smart pitcher out of the box, it needs to be activated. Read more on how to set texture and temperature on a smart pitcher for the first time.  


You can find the software version of your device on the touch screen by tapping the top of the touch screen. Where can I find software version and serial number?