Use the black smart pitcher to make chocolate mixes. Pour the desired amount of milk into the pitcher. Second, put in chocolate flakes, powder or micro chunks to your taste. Place the filled pitcher onto the Perfect Moose device and let go. Your foamy mixed drink will be ready in a moment.

Black smart pitchers reach higher temperatures and all parameters are pre-set to steam mixes. So make sure you put the chocolate in your pitcher before steaming (and after putting in milk). When milk is steamed past the sweet point (too hot), the sweetness of the milk will go away as the sugars break down. 

Be sure not to set the pitcher temperature too high when using veggie milk or alt drinks.


This is the way to make a straightforward hot cocoa with real chocolate. Don't stop there though. Get creative and add a little Moose magic to your chocolate milk. Get inspired by these hot chocolate recipes and make your hot cocoa stand out. 

More tips on using the right smart Moose pitcher.