What you need

1 tumbler glass 330 ml, 2 shallow bowls | black smart Moose pitcher

Goodies to go in

20 g Cocoa Mass Powder | 30 ml Monin Noisette syrup | 160 ml whole milk | liquid chocolate topping | Hazelnut Brésilienne | ground coffee


Use a Perfect Moose black smart pitcher to steam chocolate mixes. The black pitchers reach higher temperatures and all parameters are pre-set to steam mixes. When you are steaming manually, be sure the mix is steamed up hot enough but be careful not to steam past the sweet point (sweetness of the milk will go away as the sugars break down when too hot).

How to make

Pour a bit of liquid chocolate topping into one dish and the bresilienne in the other. Dip half of the rim of the glass 2 mm into the liquid chocolate topping and then dip it in the Bresilienne. Let the glass stand upside down for a bit so that the Bressilienne sticks and stays onto the chocolate. 

Meanwhile, put 20 grams of cocoa mass powder into a black smart Moose pitcher, add 160 ml full milk and steam. 

Pour 30 ml of Monin Noisette syrup into the bresilienne/chocolate rimmed glass and pour the warm cocoa drink on top of it.

Go all the way

Sprinkle a bit of ground coffee on top of your hot cocoa. Also very nice with an extra espresso shot and/or rum.

Recipe credits go to Horeca Coach Jo De Bruyne from Philimonius (Aalst, Belgium)

Get creative

This recipe is just a suggestion. Play around with the Moose and add your own personal touch. Got a great Moose recipe? Don't be shy to share! #perfectmoose