What you need

Glass transparant glass or cup | green Moose pitcher 

Goodies to go in

210 ml oat milk of your choice (we tried the Alpro Oat for Professionals) | 1 teaspoon of red beet powder (10 grams) | 1 espresso

How to make

Pour the oat milk in the green Moose pitcher and let the Perfect Moose steam. Pour about 30 ml of the steamed oat in a glass and mix with the red beet powder until smooth and pink. Pour the espresso gently on top of it. Add the rest of the steamed oat and pull out your best latte art skills. 


You can also mix the red beet powder directly into the oat milk and then steam. In that case, put the beetroot powder on top of the milk for a perfect pinky effect.

Get creative

This veggie recipe is mere a suggestion. Play around with the Moose and add your own personal touch. Got a great Moose recipe? Don't be shy to share!  


Picture courtesy of Alpro