What you need

2 champagne glasses +/- 150 ml | black smart Moose pitcher

Goodies to go in

10 ml liquid Caramel Topping | 40 g Finest Belgian Gold Caramel Chocolate drops | 30 ml Don Papa Rum | 120 ml whole milk

Even tastier with: lightly sugared whipped cream | 2 Gold Wand Sticks | Crispearls Salted Caramel | cinnamon powder

How to make

Pour 5 ml of Caramel Topping on the bottom of each glass.

Put the Gold Chocolate drops, rum and milk into a black Smart Moose Pitcher (black pitcher for mix-based drinks) and let Perfect Moose steam the mix.


Use a Perfect Moose black smart pitcher to steam chocolate mixes. The black pitchers reach higher temperatures and all parameters are pre-set to steam mixes. When you are steaming manually, be sure the mix is steamed up hot enough but be careful not to steam past the sweet point (sweetness of the milk will go away as the sugars break down when too hot).

Pour the steamed chocolate milk mix over the back of a long spoon onto the caramel topping. Divide the mix into the 2 champagne glasses until it’s about 2 cm below the rim of the glass.

Go all the way

In order to give the Golden Treat chocolate drink that final touch, add some lightly sugared whipped cream on top.

Lay a Gold Wand Stick horizontally on the whipped cream on top of the glass.

Decorate with some Crispearls and a pinch of cinnamon. Want to go all but really all the way? Add some gold foil on top and blow those customers away.

Recipe credits go to Horeca Coach Jo De Bruyne from Philimonius (Aalst, Belgium)

Get creative

This recipe is just a suggestion. Play around with the Moose and add your own personal touch. Got a great Moose recipe? Don't be shy to share! #perfectmoose