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MAINTENANCE | how to keep the Moose happy

Perfect Moose isn't fussy. Just a few things to keep him fit as a fiddle. The list will be short.

How do I clean the Perfect Moose machine?
General cleaning Never put Perfect Moose in your dishwasher. Just wipe the outside with a damp cloth (not too wet). Never try to open up the machine for cleaning. No milk runs through t...
How do I clean Smart Moose pitchers?
Smart Moose pitchers are stainless steel, colour coated jugs. They have a smart RFID tag attached to the bottom using a special, heat-resistant glue.  Perfect Moose jugs are dishwash...
How do I refresh the boiler of Perfect Moose Jack
Perfect Moose Jack is the stand-alone smart steam foamer with its own boiler at the back. If the water in the boiler is not regularly refreshed, limescale can affect the boiler and prope...