Smart Moose pitchers are stainless steel, colour coated jugs. They have a smart RFID tag attached to the bottom using a special, heat-resistant glue. 

Perfect Moose jugs are dishwasher-safe but we do recommend to put them in the top drawer of your domestic dishwasher (max 80° C). When washing up by hand, use some light detergent and hot water. A deep clean in an industrial dishwashing machine is ok, but mind the overkill.

Do not let the pitchers soak in water, and definitely not in (acidic) detergents. This could affect the coloured coating.

Don't keep your smart pitchers on top of your heated espressomachine. Great spot to put your cups but keep your jugs cool. Always the best way to start quality steaming.


Make a habit of rinsing your pitcher immediately after every steaming cycle. By rinsing immediately, milk or alternatives get no chance to stick to the side and this will save you some cleaning work. Perfect scenario is to install Perfect Moose next to a rinser. No risk of contamination. Perfect hygiene.