This message appears on the touch display of your Perfect Moose device.

For Perfect Moose Jack

Perfect Moose Jack is the stand-alone autosteamer with its own boiler at the back (aka Jack's backpack). 

Perform a boiler refresh to renew the water in the boiler. This should be done once a week AND whenever the above image appears on the touch screen. 

How to refresh the boiler of Perfect Moose Jack.

For Perfect Moose Greg

Perfect Moose Greg is the autosteamer connected to your espressomachine and does not have its own boiler. 

When the above message appears on the touch display of Perfect Moose Greg, your device might not get adequate steam (pressure) from the boiler of the connected espresso machine. 

Check the connection between Perfect Moose and the espresso machine and the steam provided by the espressomachine.



Never add liquid to the pitcher while Perfect Moose is steaming. By doing so, parameters are reset and you will not have top quality foam as an end result. When you add liquid to the pitcher during the steaming cycle, the above message may also appear on screen. Tap 'ignore and continue' on the touch display to proceed.