In case your Perfect Moose displays 'error code 16', this means that the required temperature for your microfoam was not reached in time. 

Once you established and remedied the problem, continue normal operation by tapping the screen (tap it and the error code will disappear). 

Something is blocking the Moose eye while steaming 

The temperature sensor or 'Moose eye' monitors the exact temperature of the chosen liquid during the whole steaming cycle. 

While steaming, don't let anything obstruct the direct line of sight from the temperature sensor to the pitcher, for example:

- the handle of the pitcher is pointed towards the sensor

a cloth has fallen between the pitcher and the sensor

- ...  

The Moose eye is dirty 

A splash of milk or other might block the temperature sensor, disabling it to measure the temperature correctly. Gently clean the sensor with a damp cloth and soft detergent if needed. Wipe it dry. 

Your Perfect Moose is not getting enough steam supply

For Perfect Moose Jack |  Make sure the steam supply is fully open. The blue tap at the back of the device should be in a vertical position. Temperature at the back should indicate around 127 ° Celsius.

For Perfect Moose Greg | Check the steam hose at the back of the device and make sure it is not kinked or entangled eg by putting it too close to the wall. Make sure the length of the steam hose connecting the foamer with the espresso machine is not too long (maximum 1 meter).

Make sure (Epic) Greg is connected to a suitable espresso machine providing efficient steam supply (1.3 bar):

Can I connect Perfect Moose Greg to any espressomachine?

The openings in your steam nozzle are blocked 

Be sure to always wipe after a steaming cycle flush so the nozzle doesn't get blocked. Always leave the nozzle in the same position and do not take it off for cleaning. 

How do I clean the Perfect Moose machine?