For certain issues, a qualified Moose technician can help you from a distance and a physical visit is not necessary. With your help, the technician is able to access the password protected menu of your device. 

When on the phone or video call, you can follow these steps to prepare: 

Pull the steam wand gently all the way up until you hear a clicking sound. No forcing of course.

 Keep the steam wand pulled up with your finger and at the same time, push the pitcher holder down with your finger.


The following screen appears on the touch display.

Tap the yellow colored password box with your finger. 


The following screen appears on the touch display.

Enter the 6 digit code the Moose technician gives you.  

About the 6 digit code

The Perfect Moose technician will give you a code of 6 digits. You have 30 seconds to enter the 6 digits and then press OK. 

If you haven't had enough time to enter the code, no panic. Every 30 seconds the code gets renewed and the technician can give you a new code. it is no use writing down the 6 digit code for future reference. After 30 seconds, it is no longer valid. 


The following screen appears on the touch display.

The Perfect Moose technician is able to further assist you. 

How to impress the Perfect Moose technician even more

In order to help you out, the Moose technician may ask you to adjust the clock of your device. Learn how to set the exact UTC time to your device. 


For those of you who love to thoroughly clean the Moose, the combination of pulling the steam wand up and pushing the pitcher holder down can also accidentally happen. In that case, just press the exit icon in the right hand bottom corner.