If you are not happy about foam quality or see a change in quality, check whether there is an error code visible on the touch screen. If yes - follow the instructions given on screen. If no - check the following:

Is the nozzle of the steam wand in the correct position?

Never turn or remove the nozzle of the steam wand and always leave it in the original position. Turning the nozzle could end up in poor quality microfoam. Check the right position of the nozzle.

Is your Perfect Moose getting enough steam supply?

For Perfect Moose Jack |  Make sure the steam supply is fully open. The blue tap at the back of the device should be in a vertical position. 

For Perfect Moose Greg | Check the steam hose at the back of the device and make sure it is not kinked or entangled eg by putting it too close to the wall. 

Make sure the length of the steam hose connecting the foamer with the espresso machine is not too long. This should be maximum 1 meter. .

Are the openings in the steam nozzle blocked?

Be sure to always flush and wipe after a steaming cycle so the nozzle doesn't get blocked. When the tiny openings in the nozzle are filled up, clear the openings with milk frother cleaning liquid.

Was milk added to the pitcher after the pitcher had already been fitted onto the pitcher holder? 

Never add milk or alternatives during a steaming cycle. This can result in poor quality microfoam. 

Can I add milk or liquid during a steaming cycle?

Was the device moved?

Calibration might no longer be correct. Turn the device off by switching the button at the back to 0 and restart it following the start-up procedure

Was the handle of your pitcher or anything else blocking the Moose eye while steaming? 

The 'Moose eye' monitors the exact temperature of the chosen liquid during the whole steaming cycle. 

While steaming, don't let anything block the space between the temperature sensor and the body of the pitcher (no barista towel, handle of the pitcher…). This will disturb exact temperature measurement.

Was something touching the pitcher holder/weighing scale while steaming?

The pitcher holder has an integrated weighing scale measuring the exact amount of liquid to be steamed. When something else than the pitcher is touching or lying against the pitcher holder, this can influence weight measurement.